Current Circumstances

I am a single mother of 3, these past 2 months have been difficult for me to keep up with, rent, bills, & most importantly food. My car broke down & it is going to be expensive to fix the issue, I have been getting to work one way or another but I am at a point right now that I do not have food for my kids & I am needing any assistance that I may get with that.

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10 months ago

  • Family of 4
  • Utah

Our Story

I am a single mother. I have 3 kids, 6y 5y & 1y. I work from 10am-7pm M-F. I love my job, I love coming home to my kids & playing outside in the trampoline, we have a park nearby & we love to go on walks & play in the playground. We also love to sit outside & paint.

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