Shopping cart requested

Through our platform, households in need select a participating grocer and add items to a shopping cart. They then request to get their cart funded.


Donors fund the cart

Donors can view each request on our website and choose to fund specific shopping carts or donate to the General Cart Fund to pay the grocer for the items.


Food ready for pickup

When a cart has received full funding, households will receive a notification, via Givley, that their groceries are available for pickup or delivery from their grocer.

At Givley, we have modernized food philanthropy through crowdfunding. Our software platform allows those who are in need to continue their regular routine of shopping for food online from participating grocers. We then empower donors to purchase those grocery carts for families they would like to help. We're putting the problem and solution directly in the hands of those in need and those who want to help, which makes the donating experience more personal.

Common Questions

It's really easy to create a grocery cart with Givley. Simply, click on "Need Groceries"; choose a participating grocer and then start adding items to your cart. Once you’re finished shopping, click "submit" and your cart will be placed on Givley so a generous donor can purchase your groceries for you.
Yes! You can share your cart on social media with your friends and families to get as much exposure as possible.
You will receive an email notification from Givley, that your cart is ready for delivery or pick up from your local grocer!
No! Our mission is to help people get access to the food they need! We have a general cart fund to help fulfill orders if you’re unable to get funding through a donor.
You will receive an email notification from Givley, that your cart is ready for delivery or pick up from the grocer you selected!
Yes! We believe that 'essential items' expand beyond just groceries. We recognize that you may need diapers, formula, fever reducing medicine for your baby or feminine products, etc. However, please do not add any tobacco or alcohol items; these items are restricted and will delay getting your cart funded.
You'll want to double check your items when you pick them up from your local grocer. If you notice an item is damaged, then please return it to the store that provided the item. Givley does not process exchanges or returns.
Yes, but we don't recommend it. Real images of your family along with a genuine description of why you need help is more likely to get your cart funded more quickly.
There are several options to donate with Givley. The most popular approach is to fund a cart directly for an individual or family who is waiting for food. Alternatively, you could contribute any amount to multiple carts; or, join our monthly gives program where you can have any amount automatically deducted from your bank account. We also have several options for Businesses to become involved by partnering with Givley or offering our platform to their employees.
Once you select a card to fund, we make the payment for that cart directly to the participating grocer. This prevents your donation from going to the recipient and being used on something other than what was in their shopping cart.
Our general cart fund, monthly donations and corporate donor funds goes toward our most urgent carts. These carts have waited the longest for funding and haven't received full funding yet.
You are able to sponsor a cart in full, or spread your donation out over multiple carts. In order to do this, simply go to "Give Groceries", select the multiple carts you wish to donate and then enter the amount to donate. The total amount donated will be spread evenly across all the carts you’ve selected.
Donations made through Givley are generally considered to be personal gifts and are not guaranteed to be tax-deductible. However, you can always check with your tax professional to be sure. Givley does not issue a tax receipt.
Do you know a family or an individual having financial difficulty? Simply go to "Need Groceries" and select "Nominate Family". From here, enter their information and we'll invite them to join our platform where they can shop and request funding for their groceries.
We're always on the lookout for new partnerships with like-minded organizations. If your company is looking for a way to help tackle the hunger crisis, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss a potential partnership.
It is our imperative to bring Givley to the world. Hunger can easily be found in our communities and we need to combat it as quickly as possible. A coworker may be skipping lunch every day. A neighbor might not have the funds for groceries. A first-grader may only eat meals at school. Though you may not be aware of them, hungry people are in your neighborhood, workplace, church, and schools. In order to fulfill our mission and reach our goals, we charge a small platform fee to help cover our costs. In addition, Givley accepts donations from Foundations, Partners, Corporate Sponsors, Individuals and Grocers.
No. We weighed this option heavily and didn't make our decision lightly. In order for us to fulfill our mission and reach our goals of zero hunger, we need to remain competitive and be able to attract the talent needed to remain innovative. We didn't feel like we could grow as fast as needed if we were a NPO.
Yes! We're unable to fulfill prescription medicine and we refuse to fulfill tobacco and alcohol items.
In order to create a cart with Givley, the recipient needs to verify a few items before they can create an account. In addition, the recipient needs to enter a verified mailing address with the Grocer in order to receive their cart without any delay. Additionally, with thousands of carts being loaded daily, we rely heavily on our donors to be our eyes and ears. If something doesn't look right about a cart or individual requesting assistance, then please flag that cart for further review by Givley.
Givley was founded in 2020 by Jessenia and Chad Beals
Are you passionate about fighting hunger? Our platform is rapidly growing and we are looking for community leaders to help connect Givley with various partners throughout the U.S. Please submit a request through our contact page to get in touch!
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Who We Are

Hi, we're Chad and Jessenia, and we're the founders of Givley. We both came from modest backgrounds (Chad is from Utah, and Jessenia is from Ecuador), and we're now fortunate to own a successful business. However, life has not always been easy, and we recognize the kindness and help we received along the way. That's why we want to give back; we know we're all vulnerable to life's hardships, and sometimes we have to turn to others for help. So, we created Givley with these very thoughts in mind and hope that you will benefit from the gift of either giving or receiving.

How We Got Started

It was a pretty typical day for us when we had noticed a family standing on a corner asking for help. Both the father and mother had lost their jobs and were desperate to feed their family. As we looked in their direction, a car quickly pulled up and a lady handed them a bag of groceries through her window. The look of gratitude in the parents' eyes when they received that bag of food will be one that we'll never forget.

The very next day, we were driving past another person in need and witnessed someone else giving that individual a bag of groceries. It was at this moment that it hit us...people want to personally give groceries directly to those in need! But unfortunately, our current food pantry system is outdated, inadequately funded, overwhelmed and was never intended to handle the demand they are seeing in our modern world.

It was shocking to learn that over 54 million people in the U.S. and over 820 million people worldwide will go hungry tonight. Things we take for granted, like going out to dinner with your family, or simply buying an ice cream cone are things that some kids will never experience. Not to mention, more than ever before families are having to choose between paying their utilities bills or buying food.

At that moment, it struck us that giving groceries to those in need is something common people do in their communities. We figured that if there were an easier, more accessible way for giving essentials to others, then more people would get involved. We knew that we had to do something, so we created the Givley platform; the only peer-to-peer food pantry in the world.

Our Platform

Our software platform has modernized peer-to-peer food philanthropy

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