Current Circumstances

I am a Social Service Worker and because of my health I cannot work full-time. My son is 20 and is trying to work. He starts a job and cannot hold it due to his disabilities and the need to have money makes our household income Rollercoaster. We get by with food bank boxes and other charitable donations when things are tough, but with Christmas coming up I thought it would be nice to have a few things that are special and nice to have to celebrate with. I know with most charity boxes you get whatever they have available, and I am okay with that most days, I just want to ask for some specifics off of this site. I tried to keep it at a minimal amount and only ask for enough for the holidays. I did ask for a couple of things that my son enjoys that I don't buy on a normal day as a Christmas surprise. Thank you for your help and assistance with our holiday this year.

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1 year ago

  • Family of 2
  • Utah

Our Story

I am a Social Service Worker. I work as much as I physically can. I love my job and look forward to it daily. It keeps me motivated and engaged in life. My son is 20. He has autism and is trying to get a job. I am in Graduate school and love to read and spend time with my son. He loves to play video games and talk to friends over the internet. We have 2 dogs that are our lives. I am hoping upon graduation I can get us in a new place financially that is positive from where we currently are now. More education equals more pay, correct? I am truly hoping so.

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