Current Circumstances

We are a pretty big family. 7. Our lease was up in January of 2022, and the only place we could find to move that would fit our whole family is $2000. On top of expensive rent, our vehicle was repoed because a roof is more important. We have 4 small children.

4 months ago

  • Family of 7
  • Utah

Our Story

We are a very easy going family. My older sister and I moved to Utah 8 years ago from Portland, OR. When we moved here we got work at home jobs which was a bad idea because we didn’t get the opportunity to socialize. Here we are 8 years later with little to no friends. We don’t have any family but each other. I have 3 kids with my boyfriend and my sister has 1. We live and breath our kids. We all come from very sad circumstances and childhoods and we want better for our kids.

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