Current Circumstances

I’m a veteran on a small fixed income who struggles with PTSD/MST, TBI & anxiety & panic attacks. My health has been poor & I’ve put way 2 much money into my car that still won’t run. I have 3 sons-my oldest & his family are a couple hours away. The other 2 (mostly the younger) and my father have needed much help lately.Between the vehicle, the stuff with my kids & my dad’s health I’m not sure where else to turn.

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6 months ago

  • Family of 1
  • Utah

Our Story

I enjoy my family. I have 3 sons & 1 grand baby. My oldest & his family live a couple hours away so I don’t get to see them much. My other sons are close but they are dealing with their own stuff so I usually hear from 1 of them if there’s a problem. I wish we all had more time to spend together.

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