Current Circumstances

We are a transitional house, housing those experiencing homelessness and addiction. Not only do we feed and clothes 2-400 people in Skid Row we also help people get out of the cycle of being homeless. Our Transitional House "Find A Purpose Academy" is a lifeskill academy offering tools such a financial literacy classes, therapy, cooking classes etc to mentally prepare people to re-enter society.

We are a 100% donation based only and we currently are housing 8 people.

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3 years ago

  • Family of 8
  • California

Our Story

At our Transitional House we feed our residents and mentorship youth three times a day seven days a week. We eat breakfast after our daily gratitude walk and hike. Lunch is being prepared by our residents and dinner is usually a collective thing. Dinner we prepare together and we enjoy sitting down together and end the day with a great meal and talking about everyones assignments, daily tasks and how the day has been.

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