Current Circumstances

Our little family, plus Service Dog and 2 cats, have been fighting homelessness because of job loss when COVID came. We're finally in an apartment again with help from The Road Home Housing department. We normally get groceries from the local F.A.C.T in Magna twice a month. Right now we really need help with some groceries and some medicines for my daughter. We love hanging with friends, watch movies and listen to music. My daughter loves drawing and painting and she sings really well. I love listening to it! Thank you for reading this. We appreciate that so much.

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6 months ago

  • Family of 3
  • Utah

Our Story

We've had our normal hard times and challenges like everyone else. My17 years old has disabilities (brain disease, Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis and a spinal cord injury, Transverse Myelitis). I also have a disability as I am a Legal Short Stature Person as well as I am partly paralyzed on my right side after a brain tumor removal. We have lots of fun times with our animals, and we're getting our cats really great at playing catch, and chasing down my daughter's service dog. Life is not boring!!! :)

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